GAP Support Changing Minds with Pick Up A Penny

April 30, 2018


GAP Support Changing Minds with Pick Up A Penny


This week we have donated 1000 pennies to “Changing Minds with Pick Up A Penny”- a cause set up in the North East to help change the government policy for Early Intervention for Children.


Sara Young from Newcastle who is an Integrative Psychotherapist, EMDR therapist and in her third year of her PhD at Northumbria University works with children, families and adults, who have been exposed to an ACE (adverse childhood experience) and trauma.


She said “I believe that for centuries both Psychiatry, and countless forms of psychotherapy, have searched for answers to the suffering of the human mind. How can we not know, given the technology of 21st century medicine? Why however, would we be so omnipotent to believe that we could, given that we each have thirteen different organ systems, and at the latest count we have identified 60,000 ways in which they can go awry.”


“I want to change government policy for EARLY INTERVENTION FOR CHILDREN and I truly believe that Changing Minds with Pick Up a Penny, and the research I am doing, will make this happen. So please be a part of that journey with me, and together we can make a change.”


To make a donation, click here

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