April 9, 2018




We have managed to secure £5.7million of funding to facilitate the development of a North East Fridge Recycling plant.


After spending spent 18 months of planning we were elated to receive the news that the funding has finally been obtained. The funding was gained with assistance from Ward Hadaway lawyers based on the Newcastles Quayside.


The project will generate over thirty full time employment opportunities for local people as five apprenticeship vacancies.


Managing Director, Peter Moody said “After spending what has felt like a long time putting the necessary plans together, we are thrilled to see the funding come through to facilitate what will be a fantastic project and beneficial to so many.”


“This will allow local waste to be treated by local people which is not only fantastic in terms of generating employment opportunities but also great from an environmental perspective”.


The team at Ward Hadaway, led by Mark Whitehead and supported by Property partner Alex Wright, Finance partner Imogen Holland and Construction associate Alan Ross, worked closely with us throughout the project, including selection of funding partners, supply chain and funder negotiations.


The head of Ward Hadaway’s Energy, Waste and Utilities team, Mark Whitehead, said the new centre is the shot in the arm that the UK recycling sector needs.


He said: “Gap’s recovery centre offers consumers an excellent way to reduce their carbon footprint whilst maximising recycling and recover rates. Without investment like this, we wouldn’t be able to recycle the fridges and domestic appliances we throw away as a society. The centre will make a huge contribution to addressing these issues.


The project will not only be a great addition to the North East Waste Management infrastructure, but will also help support the vision of a more circular economy. The plant is expected to be fully functioning by September 2018.

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