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GAP Haulage

General Logistics and Haulage on a national basis.

The Difference

In the fast moving world we work in, often transportation is the only difference between you and your competition.

You are often judged not just on your products performance, but by the manner in which it is first delivered. With that in mind it is essential you partner a professional haulier, who is both flexible and proactive and who will listen to you and fully understand your needs.

At GAP, we go that extra mile in everything we do.

We embrace technology and track our fleet using state of the art telematics software providing precise reporting and visibility of your goods. With a fully integrated traffic and driver management solution our IT framework will monitor traffic planning, client services (allowing cloud base load bookings), POD control (cloud base retrieval), vehicle tracking, on board CCTV, invoicing and back office support of the highest calibre.

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Presentation with GAP is a given. Our comprehensive trailer stock includes the super efficient high cubes (with 20% more capacity) and is complemented with our modern liveried fleet and fully trained uniformed drivers. Our reputation is our pinnacle of professionalism and confidence with every assignment.

You won’t appreciate the difference until you have tried us.

Bridge your logistics shortfall today and fill the GAP!

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