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Small Mixed Waste

Waste Processing Services

Processing Small Mixed WEEE

Small Mixed WEEE (SMW) is typically found in and around your home and business and includes kettles, toasters, food mixers, microwaves, etc.

We process SMW in two ways. Any resalable items still in their packaging or capable of being reconditioned are sent to the GAP Reuse department for assessment and testing. We partner with large producers of high-grade WEEE (such as OEMs or retailers) and can arrange a profit share scheme.

mixed waste recycling
recycling mixed waste

Providing a full destruction service

Conversely, we provide a full destruction service should clients require end-of-life disposal within our automated SMW shredding plant.

GAP Waste works with local and national waste management companies/recyclers accepting bulk shipments for processing. Items are shredded and recyclates such as ferrous, non-ferrous and plastics are segregated where they are then either treated in-house or moved to accredited downstream processors for further treatment.