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WEEE Boxes

Electrical Waste Boxes for Business

The GAP WEEE Box is a centralised storage unit for all your redundant electrical waste

We provide a pallet size magnum container (120cm x 80cm x 97cm) which will hold WEEE material weight up to 400kgs. This solution gives approximately 1m³ of storage space (equivalent to 8 complete desk top computer systems and auxiliary equipment).

For smaller requirements, we provide a 55ltr tote box. Ideal if you have limited storage. The box is best suited for handheld items. 

It’s simple, cost effective and Ideal for businesses who produce small or medium amounts of electrical waste but don’t want a long term commitment or the charges associated with their general waste contractor.

It's as simple as 1234:

  1. We deliver the box
  2. You fill it
  3. Give us a call
  4. We collect or exchange

Each box comes with fixed costs and no hidden charges. Give us a call for more details. 

(Please be advised this solution is not suitable for Large Domestic Appliances (LDA) such as Washing Machines)



Want to know more?

Our friendly and approachable haulage and recycling teams are always on hand if you have any questions or queries.

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