June 27, 2018


China Limits Spark Waste Crisis


Many households are familiar with segregating their household waste into what can be recycled and what cannot. After recycling bins were introduced by councils to homes a few years back its now became second nature to most. Globally we are seeing a bigger push towards the circular economy and sustainability but today the Guardian has reported that many household items which would have previously been exported to china now cannot. So where will it go now? China up until recently has imported huge volumes of recyclables and has never been fazed by the levels of contamination as others would. Now due to the increasing levels of contamination in China, limits have been implemented which sees countries like Australia struggling for a solution at where their waste is going to be sent.






June 21, 2018


Ministers Urged for VAT To Be Adjusted On Products Made From Recycled Items


Businesses and Politicians have asked that Ministers consider amending VAT on items that are made up of recycled components. This comes after those who made the request feel it would have a positive effect on recycling. The change would hopefully result in businesses producing more environmentally friendly items and spending time in the development phase to identify recycled components which could be used. In addition, if VAT were to be adjusted accordingly, this could encourage consumers to make more environmentally friendly purchases.







Non compliant WEEE Traders targeted 


Concerns have been raised throughout the UK from various Compliance Schemes with regards to online traders avoiding responsibilities posed by the WEEE regulations. It has been noted that a large proportion of "free riders" are those selling through online market places such as Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist. This has as a result impacted on those traders who are compliant as they are subsidising the cost of those who are avoiding their producer obligation. MRW have reported this week that Defra intend to invite online traders for a discussion regarding their obligations as a producer as well as how to ensure that they are compliant.






May 31, 2018


Recycling Week Announced


"Recycling. We do. Because it matters".WRAP have announced that recycling week will run from the 24th to the 30th of September this week. The aim of the theme is to put across a simple but effective message of why recycling matters. 

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