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GAP Group North East Sets the Standard with a Clear Future Vision and Mission

Posted by Andy Clark on 21st March 2023

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GAP Group NE Sets the Standard with a Clear Future Vision and Mission

As one of Europe’s leading electrical waste resource management companies, at GAP Group NE we are proud to have built a business on customer loyalty and are united in going above and beyond for the customer.

To demonstrate how we serve our customers and why they are such an integral part of the GAP Group NE story, we’ve formalised our company mission statement to express our purpose. We’ve explicitly outlined our future vision and core values which are ingrained in us as a business and individuals.

Together, these areas define who we are as a business and what we truly stand for as well as highlight our future aspirations. These are so ingrained in the heart of our business that they govern how we work, which is why customers have come to trust GAP Group NE and work with us repeatedly.

Passion in Our Mission

Over the next 5 years, GAP Group NE will achieve and sustain our place as the UK's leading, most innovative, and fully circular solution-based electrical waste management and resource recovery organisation.

We are proud of our heritage, confident of our present, and excited about our future. Our continuing success as a business will benefit communities and the environments in which we operate around the world.

For GAP Group NE to be the world leader in our field, we must continue to evolve and be a role model in waste management best practices, consistent with safeguarding future generations and their planet. We operate our facilities and serve our customers by exceeding expectations in delivering bespoke solutions in a manner that protects the environment for present and future generations.

At GAP Group NE, we are proud to say that our clients share our vision and values and together we are striving towards our mission every single day because it is a responsibility that we all share.

GAP Group is a North-East-based company specialising in commercial waste collection, disposal and transportation. Gap Group is home to one of the UK’s largest cooling equipment and electrical waste processing plants, capable of processing all types of domestic and commercial fridges, coolers, air conditioning units, dryers and all small mixed electrical waste.

As specialists in electrical waste processing services (WEEE), we run our own fully automated WEEE processing plant and offer a solution to disposing of electrical waste in a safe and compliant manner, with the goal of “Protecting the environment for future generations”.

If you would like to read our full mission statement where we have clearly outlined our vision and values, click below to download a copy.

Contact our expert team today here, to learn more about how we can go the extra mile for you.

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