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Lamps & Batteries

Waste Processing Services

GAP Waste are able to provide dedicated containers, along with a collection and processing service to clients for all types of lamps and batteries.

Should you presently have a stock of used lamps, light fittings etc. which are not containerised and require disposal, we will collect and recycle them for a one-off ad-hoc fee.

Lamp Collection

Before your collection you will be required to either place the lamps in cardboard boxes or tape them up in bundles. Please if using tape choose Electricians or Masking tape only. (never use Parcel/Ducting tape/Selotape as these are very difficult to remove


The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations obligates producers and distributors of most electronic or electrical items that require a plug or a battery to function.

Because to this, a common misconception is that waste batteries are covered by the WEEE Regulations. Unfortunately they are not. There is a completely separate set of regulations for waste batteries and if you place products on the UK market that include batteries, they need to be reported separately under the waste batteries regulations.

The waste batteries regulations obligate producers and distributors of all battery types whether portable, automotive or industrial.

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