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High Church Wynd, Yarm - FREE Food Waste Collection Pilot

FREE Food Waste Collection Pilot

Welcome to our neighbours in and around High Church Wynd. Some of you will already know that we've been running this free food waste collection service for around 18 moths now. We started after VE Day 75 which was 8th May 2020 during the first pandemic lockdown. Lots has changed in those 18 months and the main thing being the support we've agreed with Stockton Borough Council and the Wellness Centre at the top of the Wynd. Whilst this service is private and nothing to do with the council, they have been good enough to allow us to site 2 x 240L Food waste wheelie bins at the Wellness Centre, so we can expand the scheme to all High Church Wynd residents and those of properties accessed from the Wynd. You can see one of those bins in the image below.


If you have any queries regaridng the food waste scheme, please email or call 01914386438

Fill your Food Waste caddy with anything organic. All food waste and that includes fruit and veg peelings, tea bags, eggshells and coffee grounds. Once full, please tie off and deposit in one of the 240L Green Food Waste Wheelie Bins at the Wellness Centre.


The 240L Wheelie Bins are tipped by our collections vehicles every Monday so we avoid the SBC trucks on a Tuesday morning. Once collected your food waste is transported to local Biogas Plants where the material is decontaminated, (residual packaging removed) then fed to Anaerobic Digestion where bacteria convert the food waste into Biogas, which is then cleaned prior to be injected into Northern Gas Networks grid as Green Gas, which is available for business and residential customers alike.

The liquid material left in the Biogas Plants digesters, after all the energy has been converted is known as digestate. This is a nutrient rich natural fertiliser and at all Biogas Plants GAP Organics are involved with, this digestate is further treated to achieve the PAS110 quality standard, meaning the material is no longer treated as a waste, but a Quality Biofertiliser which goes back on to local agricultural land, to encourage the next cycle of growth in what is one of the best examples of a Circular Economy.


Want to know more?

Our friendly and approachable haulage and recycling teams are always on hand if you have any questions or queries.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch on (0191) 438 6438 or via email on: