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Wardley Biogas Plant

Tyne & Wear's only Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant - Receiving deliveries 04:00 - 20:00 all 7 days

Wardley Biogas is located in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear between the A19 and A194(M) and was established to provide a much-needed outlet in the area for processing Food and other Organic wastes, using Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology. Food and other Organic waste material from around the area, on average travels 70 miles less for recycling than before Wardley was available, a CO2 saving of 290kg/journey.

Our feedstock supply is managed exclusively through GAP Organics Ltd and we have an annual processing capacity of 80,000 tonnes, around 220 tonnes daily, seven days/week.

From this waste material the plant will generate over 600m3/hour of Biomethane for injection into the National Grid via Northern Gas Networks. This is the equivalent of powering almost 5,000 domestic properties.

The plant also produces approximately 72,000 tonnes annually of high quality Biofertiliser which is used on local agricultural land to offset traditional, synthetic fertiliser use. This encourages the next cycle of food growth, whether that food is grass for meat and dairy production, or crops for the food chain. The origins of food products such as bread, milk, meat, fruit, vegetables, sugar, etc. are in agriculture. They are either produced directly on farms or based on food coming from farms. Farmers grow food, which they harvest, store and transport to markets or to processing plants for preservation and transformation into a variety of food products.

During the build of the plant, over 60 new construction roles were created and now operational, 6 full time roles have been created at the plant and another 8 full times roles have been created at GAP Organics and at other supply chain partner businesses.

Wardley Biogas and GAP Organics are always delighted to hear from organisations or individuals who want to learn more about AD. Our Tyne & Wear Plant is open to receive visitors (limited and by appointment only) We are particularly keen on educating the younger generation. 

If you cannot find the information you require on our site or would like to arrange a visit to our facility as a potential supplier, please feel free to contact us.



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